one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson (knightflown) wrote,
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson

the catastrophic hymns from yesterday

The dumpster is open and there's garbage scattered on the ground — not an unfamiliar sight in Gotham, particularly in the East End. But there isn't a Nightwing in the dumpster. He's seated on the floor of the alley with his back against the side of the dumpster, staring and silent, looking battered but otherwise fine. His knees are drawn up loosely, not quite against his chest, and his arms are at his sides, gloved hands trying to grip the ground.

It's been a long few days. He's almost sure this isn't a hallucination, because nothing bad has happened within the past... he's not sure. His sense of time has been fucked, but it may have been as long as half an hour. He's just not sure, and he's waiting for something to happen, something that will tell him he's finally awake.
Tags: scenes
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