one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson (knightflown) wrote,
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson


He's just in from patrol, a lively night with one D-lister safely put away for the time being. The action may be over but he's still preoccupied. He has to go through some cooling down stretches, shower, and get something to eat before sleep; first, however, he'll do a perimeter check. Something tells him he's not alone tonight. The subtlety involved says 'family', but it all depends who-- Bruce, or Tim? Or even Jason, if he were feeling up to it. None of them are faces he exactly wants to see, which is to say, he usually always wants to see them, but right now he has things he doesn't want to explain. Tim in particular knows too much, so he's betting on Tim. No sense being careless, however.
Tags: scenes
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