one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson (knightflown) wrote,
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson

patience is the hallmark of the old and the infirm

It has never been a question. He risks his life often for the sake of others, and in a sense, Robin is no different. But, of course, he is. And Slade Wilson is not a night of patrol.

Restless and disturbed, he trains, blocking out Bruce's expression right before he left and Slade's unmoving mask with that cold voice issuing forth with single-minded determination. He's as ready as he'll ever be, as long as he can stop thinking about these things. When did the Nexus become more than a distraction? When had it become a weapon against those he cared about the most? He thinks of his allies and knows there is no one he would pull in for this, never Tim, not Cassandra, not Roy or the Titans or the Outsiders. There's only Vic, who hasn't heard this latest development because Dick is hoarding it like a suicide bomber hugging explosives. His family, he knows, needs to be protected from this. Dick can do that.

Finally he's tired, but it won't be enough.
Tags: narrative
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