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log excerpt: comics!Dick meets Nolanverse!Bruce

* Martel brings a glass of wine around and back to the seat he'd left his jacket on, rolling up his sleeves to the elbow. He's not overly fond of these clothes, but he wears them well. "It has its benefits, for business and education."

* Martel ...means the nexus at large, although he could easily make a case for Stigmata in particular, considering he gets his liquor for the castle here.

* Bruce enters, wearing a suit that looks like he might have slept in it. He's on his cell phone, and is having an argument with somebody in as few words as possible. He does a double-take at, hey, PEOPLE, and attempts to slip unnoticed... somewhere. Where? Who knows.

<Grayson> "But not for pleasure?" ... Dick. That question from anybody else would sound incredibly inappropriate, but he really just means it like that. He'd say more, but instead he goes very still, eyes locked on Bruce.

<Martel> "Entertainment," Martel offers, before adding, "and I did meet my wife here."

* Hasibe recognizes Bruce from last time he was in here, looking vaguely disheveled. She vaguely thinks he must have an interesting life. "Hi agaiiiin or not."

* Hasibe is distracted by Martel. "Did you really? That's so cute." Hasibe you are such a girl.

* Martel cocks his head at Bruce, briefly. "-yes, I did."

<Grayson> "Mm. Excuse me." He hates being so obvious, but Bruce is /slipping away/ and in the Nexus, it is incredibly easy to lose someone if you're not careful.

* Bruce is actually in the bathroom, now, because... he has no idea, this is where he hid last time. He is possibly arguing about not wanting to go to a fundraiser.

<Bruce> "--Look, no, I haven't slept in thirty hours and they can /deal/ without me. Why do they even want me there? Since when do people like me? What happened to 'Insane guy who burned his house down'? I miss that guy." Poor Alfred.

* Grayson enters the restroom silently, mostly out of habit, but also because Bruce-- and it has to be Bruce, he's heard these arguments a thousand times-- is on the phone. He leans against the wall, arms crossed, and waits.

* Bruce realizes he is suddenly not alone, of course, and so he finishes up with "I will be back-- eventually, I swear, I'm /fine/, good /night/," and then just attempts to.. walk around Dick, because, what.

<Grayson> "When did you get here?" As soon as the words are out of his mouth he realizes Bruce is too young. Or rather, that Dick is too old.

<Bruce> "Uh." He gives this guy a 'what is your damage' kind of look. "I don't think we've met, and I'm not interested in whatever you're selling." In a bathroom.

<Grayson> "Br-- I-- sorry." Dick stutters, arms dropping down to his sides. "--I thought you were someone else." He's never surprised at how small Bruce can make him feel, even after all these years (that haven't happened yet).

<Bruce> "...Okay." He still has that look on his face. He's half-expecting to be propositioned, and he seriously has not had enough rest to deal with that. "Can I leave or is this becoming something I need a panic button for?" Shut up, Bruce.

* Grayson bites his lip to hold back hysterical laughter, which is not the proper response in this situation, and just... waves Bruce on. Because he's pretty much not going anywhere for a while.

* Bruce gives him a look that suggests he thinks he may be insane, and then walks back out, heading to the kitchens before the actual bar proper.

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(607): ... Dick?
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