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one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
13 September 2010 @ 07:46 am
The Bat-utility belt is ridiculous, and Nightwing's costume/compartments only marginally less so. I think it has long been a fan joke that Batman's belt is contiguous to hammerspace; in fact, I'm pretty sure that was the previous Batman's superpower over at capeandcowl. In striking a balance between ludicrous canonical interpretation and ... sanity ... here's a description of PostHumans!Nightwing's costume and what he carries, mostly taken from Wikipedia and the DC Comics Database.

"Nightwing's costume is tailored specifically to his unique style of crime-fighting. As such, his costume has fewer body-armor inlays than Batman's, anticipating a decreased need for shock-absorption and an increased capacity for motion. A caveat of this configuration can be exploited by capable fighters who are both fast and strong."

The Suit
  • Nomex
  • triple weave kevlar
  • insulated against electricity
  • light sensitive (turns darker in the light) (how does this help??)
  • mask: built-in radio transmitter/receiver
  • mask: starlite lenses (night vision)
  • steel-inlaid collar
  • one use only taser charge - automatically emits a high-voltage electrical shock when someone attempts to tamper with his suit
Inventory (stored in gauntlets and boots)
  • sonic or smoke pellets
  • modified batarangs (I am not calling them "wing-dings", Dick)
  • knockout gas capsules
  • throwing tracers
  • a rebreather - protection against any airborne non-contact toxins
  • lock picks
  • small halogen flashlight
  • wireless listening devices
  • flexi-cuffs or zip-strips - made of a lightweight diamond-impregnated nylon overlaying a banded steel core; they slide closed and have to be cut off with a diamond-edged cutting utensil
  • line-gun or grappling gun - uses a strong clamp attached to a high-tensile wire for scaling surfaces and/or traversing gaps; can be recovered by releasing the clamp and rewinding the cable, based from one that is designed as compact climbing gear for commando units, and can lift several hundred pounds
  • miniature camera
  • miniature cellphone
  • some money
  • small evidence bags
  • two escrima sticks made of unbreakable polymer
  • completely normal not bizarrely named batarangs
  • regurgitant gas pellets - tear gas with an additive to make you throw up
  • 100,000 volt stun gun in his right gauntlet
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
24 February 2010 @ 03:46 pm
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one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
18 November 2009 @ 08:46 pm
The dumpster is open and there's garbage scattered on the ground — not an unfamiliar sight in Gotham, particularly in the East End. But there isn't a Nightwing in the dumpster. He's seated on the floor of the alley with his back against the side of the dumpster, staring and silent, looking battered but otherwise fine. His knees are drawn up loosely, not quite against his chest, and his arms are at his sides, gloved hands trying to grip the ground.

It's been a long few days. He's almost sure this isn't a hallucination, because nothing bad has happened within the past... he's not sure. His sense of time has been fucked, but it may have been as long as half an hour. He's just not sure, and he's waiting for something to happen, something that will tell him he's finally awake.
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
14 November 2009 @ 12:03 am
So much for a simple stealth mission.

So much for all his vaunted combat skills. He hadn't even quipped well during the fight.

Oh Grayson, now is not the time, he admonishes himself lightly. Not that I haven't been in worse situations. And not that I'll ever enjoyed being tasered unconscious...

Restraints are old (if unappreciated) shoe, too. These are good and not easily escaped from. It would cost him broken, dislocated, and sprained appendages to get free, appendages he would need during the rest of his escape.

So he waits.
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
22 October 2009 @ 07:08 pm
With the message sent — you've been compromised with Slade's nanomachines; come to <XX,YY,ZZ> to talk — there remained little to do but wait for the Titans to arrive. Dick had maintained typical subterfuge upon entering Robin's universe, despite the teen's assertion that Slade would know immediately. Whether not he would know was irrelevant. What was worrying him was whether or not he should have simply PINpointed right into the Titans Tower and sat there waiting. He didn't think they would take too kindly to that, but it would have cut through a lot of dithering and waiting around.

Like now.
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
27 September 2009 @ 11:37 am
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one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
16 September 2009 @ 07:23 pm
He's just in from patrol, a lively night with one D-lister safely put away for the time being. The action may be over but he's still preoccupied. He has to go through some cooling down stretches, shower, and get something to eat before sleep; first, however, he'll do a perimeter check. Something tells him he's not alone tonight. The subtlety involved says 'family', but it all depends who-- Bruce, or Tim? Or even Jason, if he were feeling up to it. None of them are faces he exactly wants to see, which is to say, he usually always wants to see them, but right now he has things he doesn't want to explain. Tim in particular knows too much, so he's betting on Tim. No sense being careless, however.
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
It has never been a question. He risks his life often for the sake of others, and in a sense, Robin is no different. But, of course, he is. And Slade Wilson is not a night of patrol.

Restless and disturbed, he trains, blocking out Bruce's expression right before he left and Slade's unmoving mask with that cold voice issuing forth with single-minded determination. He's as ready as he'll ever be, as long as he can stop thinking about these things. When did the Nexus become more than a distraction? When had it become a weapon against those he cared about the most? He thinks of his allies and knows there is no one he would pull in for this, never Tim, not Cassandra, not Roy or the Titans or the Outsiders. There's only Vic, who hasn't heard this latest development because Dick is hoarding it like a suicide bomber hugging explosives. His family, he knows, needs to be protected from this. Dick can do that.

Finally he's tired, but it won't be enough.
one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
10 September 2009 @ 01:09 am
* Martel brings a glass of wine around and back to the seat he'd left his jacket on, rolling up his sleeves to the elbow. He's not overly fond of these clothes, but he wears them well. "It has its benefits, for business and education."

* Martel ...means the nexus at large, although he could easily make a case for Stigmata in particular, considering he gets his liquor for the castle here.

* Bruce enters, wearing a suit that looks like he might have slept in it. He's on his cell phone, and is having an argument with somebody in as few words as possible. He does a double-take at, hey, PEOPLE, and attempts to slip unnoticed... somewhere. Where? Who knows.

<Grayson> "But not for pleasure?" ... Dick. That question from anybody else would sound incredibly inappropriate, but he really just means it like that. He'd say more, but instead he goes very still, eyes locked on Bruce.

<Martel> "Entertainment," Martel offers, before adding, "and I did meet my wife here."

* Hasibe recognizes Bruce from last time he was in here, looking vaguely disheveled. She vaguely thinks he must have an interesting life. "Hi agaiiiin or not."

* Hasibe is distracted by Martel. "Did you really? That's so cute." Hasibe you are such a girl.

* Martel cocks his head at Bruce, briefly. "-yes, I did."

<Grayson> "Mm. Excuse me." He hates being so obvious, but Bruce is /slipping away/ and in the Nexus, it is incredibly easy to lose someone if you're not careful.

* Bruce is actually in the bathroom, now, because... he has no idea, this is where he hid last time. He is possibly arguing about not wanting to go to a fundraiser.

<Bruce> "--Look, no, I haven't slept in thirty hours and they can /deal/ without me. Why do they even want me there? Since when do people like me? What happened to 'Insane guy who burned his house down'? I miss that guy." Poor Alfred.

* Grayson enters the restroom silently, mostly out of habit, but also because Bruce-- and it has to be Bruce, he's heard these arguments a thousand times-- is on the phone. He leans against the wall, arms crossed, and waits.

* Bruce realizes he is suddenly not alone, of course, and so he finishes up with "I will be back-- eventually, I swear, I'm /fine/, good /night/," and then just attempts to.. walk around Dick, because, what.

<Grayson> "When did you get here?" As soon as the words are out of his mouth he realizes Bruce is too young. Or rather, that Dick is too old.

<Bruce> "Uh." He gives this guy a 'what is your damage' kind of look. "I don't think we've met, and I'm not interested in whatever you're selling." In a bathroom.

<Grayson> "Br-- I-- sorry." Dick stutters, arms dropping down to his sides. "--I thought you were someone else." He's never surprised at how small Bruce can make him feel, even after all these years (that haven't happened yet).

<Bruce> "...Okay." He still has that look on his face. He's half-expecting to be propositioned, and he seriously has not had enough rest to deal with that. "Can I leave or is this becoming something I need a panic button for?" Shut up, Bruce.

* Grayson bites his lip to hold back hysterical laughter, which is not the proper response in this situation, and just... waves Bruce on. Because he's pretty much not going anywhere for a while.

* Bruce gives him a look that suggests he thinks he may be insane, and then walks back out, heading to the kitchens before the actual bar proper.

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(607): ... Dick?
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one day you'll come down // Dick Grayson
03 September 2009 @ 05:51 am
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